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Facility Management & Maintenance Services by AFS

Consistent, compliant, safe and expedient: these are just a few of the words clients often use to describe Affordable Facility Solutions. We consider our team of service providers to be among the best in the industry. Dedicated, highly trained and experienced, our network of Zone Mechanics, electricians, plumbers, HVAC experts, porters and other technicians are dedicated to being among the top in their respective fields. The network of service providers established and maintained by AFS continues to grow to meet the increasing demand for comprehensive facility management throughout our service area.

Zone mechanics are an invaluable way to control property maintenance costs. Consider the almost endless number and extreme variety of maintenance requirements for your facility. How many different subcontractors, service providers and specialists does it take to keep your property and facility safe, clean and functional?  Think about the number of different invoices and contacts your management team must sift through each and every month, tabulate the labor costs involved and you’ll quickly understand why Affordable Facility Solutions is the intelligent alternative for all your facility maintenance services.

We Make it Simple

Call Affordable Facility Solutions to handle all your facility maintenance service needs. 
IF you have an established relationship with a vendor for every possible contingency, you’re one in a million. If, like most property managers, you don’t know your service provider until you have a need for their expertise, you could be spending time sifting through the many local providers, hoping the one you choose provides the level of service you want. No matter how unique your situation is our Porter services and contractors are here to help resolve the issue.

We Make it Right

You never have to wonder if the job is being handled expertly when you call Affordable Facility Solutions. Our careful vetting process ensures that only the most skilled and experienced professionals provide the services you need when you need them. When local, state and/or federal codes are an issue we make sure the professionals providing the services are certified to complete work that meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements, ensuring your total compliance as well as the safety of all employees, tenants and/or residents.

Professionals Managed by Professionals

Providing a wide array of maintenance solutions is only part of the AFS story. Affordable Facility Solutions really shines in the area of facility management. Our ability to quickly assess and address a problem has earned us a reputation throughout Florida and beyond for providing a level of proactive service that keeps properties safe, code-compliant, clean and functioning. Whether it’s an emergency repair or preventive maintenance, our facility managers get the job done. Our stringent adherence to our historically proven protocols results in a host of benefits for office parks, multi-unit complexes, commercial and industrial properties, shopping malls, retail centers and care facilities, which includes:

  • Lower overall maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased tenant / resident retention
  • Improved tenant / resident satisfaction
  • Reduced mechanical failures due to maintenance lapse
  • Peak efficiency of HVAC systems
  • Quicker emergency response
  • Less stress and frustration for existing staff


We Do It All

Affordable Facility Solutions has spent years working with the very best local service providers, comparing efficiency, effectiveness, professional dedication, response time, availability and pricing. Each has a stellar reputation for delivering quality service and more-than-satisfactory results. We study online reviews, BBB reports and other forms of due diligence in order to ensure you’ll be served by skilled electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, porters, roofers, painters and other tradesmen.

By having AFS as the single source provider for all your facility maintenance you also have a single point of contact for any issues or concerns that arise. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, your Affordable Facility Solutions representative acts on your behalf, ensuring each and every concern is addressed and every issue resolved to your ultimate satisfaction. You aren’t left arguing with a service provider. You simply get the results you want without any hassles, frustrations or additional wasted time.

Our Facility Maintenance Services, but are not limited to:

Here’s a partial list of our almost unlimited facility Maintenance Services, provided for offices, office parks, multi-unit complexes, commercial and industrial properties, shopping malls and retail centers.

Proactive vs. Reactive

In far too many instances, a problem isn’t addressed until it’s noticed by a tenant / resident.  While some issues can’t be anticipated nor prevented, careful and diligent oversight can reduce frustration and greatly improve owner / tenant relations. From simple replacement of security lights to ongoing HVAC service, our Facility Managers take a proactive approach. The idea is to keep your facility pristine, functional and safe through consistency. Our objective is to find and address issues before they become a nuisance to your tenants and/or a costly repair for you.

When a parking lot light goes out, it’s replaced. Landscaping is always professionally maintained, minor parking lot repairs are handled quickly, windows are always kept clean and clear and all the little and big details are handled each and every day. Enjoy a greater public perception when you work with Affordable Facility Solutions.

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