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Protecting Lives by Protecting Your Equipment
Assisted Living Facility Maintenance by Affordable Facility Solutions

Overseeing the maintenance of a long-term care or assisted living facility is a rewarding responsibility. The lives of so many depend on a wide variety of things. The skill and training of your staff plays a significant role in the welfare of those you serve. The cleanliness of your facility is vital to their health. However, few things are more vital than maintaining the integrity of equipment that maintains their lives. Monitors, dialysis machines, call bells; medical gas pumps and so many other critical systems are dependent on uninterrupted electrical service.

Protecting the Power that Saves Lives

You maintain every critical system in your care facility. Perhaps a medical equipment service provider conducts regular maintenance and checks for all of the medical apparatus and equipment you use on a daily basis, ensuring the safety of your residents as well as regulatory compliance on both a state and federal level. However… in the event of power interruption, even the best-maintained equipment is rendered useless. Having a back-up power supply is absolutely fundamental in providing adequate care for your residents. Unfortunately, many facilities suffer during power outages due to a lack of proper maintenance of backup generators.

These standby generator systems can remain idle for extended periods of time and, like any critical equipment, they must be checked periodically and maintained by a trained professional to ensure they remain fully operational. Waiting until they’re needed to discover they’re inoperable can literally be a fatal mistake.

In 2017, 14 nursing home residents died as a result of power outages caused by Hurricane Irma. An operational backup power system could have prevented most, if not all of those deaths. Having a backup system in place is not enough. Making sure that system is ALWAYS operational is the only way to ensure the safety of those in your care and the professionals at Affordable Facility Solutions can provide this vital service.

Meeting & Exceeding the Highest Standards

Our trained professionals provide the services necessary to ensure this type of tragedy is avoided. Affordable Facility Solutions provides Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance (ATSM) that complies with the National Fire Protection Association 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems. This work requires a specialized knowledge, so few companies offer it. Even fewer can meet the NFPA standards.

Ensuring the proper function of the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) ensures that the backup system detects any utility power interruption, signaling the generator to start. When the generator achieves operating speed, the ATS transfers the proper load to the generator. This critical piece of equipment also re-transfers power once it’s restored by the utility company and conducts a proper cool-down and shut-off process.

Affordable Facility Solutions can provide monthly test as required for Level 1 generators, as well as Level 2 generators. Level 1 generators are those whose failure could result in death and/or serious injury.

We also handle all scheduled maintenance, annual infrared scanning and other modernization and retrofitting needs as necessary, as well as full ATS service, maintenance, repair and replacement, as needed.

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