About Affordable Facility Solutions: Property Management and Maintenance, L.E.D. Retrofits & Maintenance, Electrical Services, Porter Services, Power to Assisted Living Facilities and more.

Our Mission: Meeting Your Needs

It sounds simple enough, but the concept behind Affordable Facility Solutions was years in the making. It required establishing relationships with the industry’s best service providers, including plumbers, electricians, landscapers, HVAC specialists and many, many others. It takes excellent people to deliver excellent results, which means each service provider had to be carefully vetted, ensuring they deliver the kind of service our customers expect.

Building on a History of Excellence

The team at AFS has over two decades of experience in serving the needs of clients throughout South Florida. We maintain a host of professionals who provide services in a manner that meets both the immediate short-term and long-term maintenance needs of retail centers, office parks, commercial properties, shopping malls, multi-unit complexes and virtually any other type of commercial venue. Our whole business model is designed and focused on providing comprehensive property management and property maintenance, electrical and porter services, as well as power to assisted living facilities to our clients.

A Process Designed with Savings in Mind

With one call, you get a designated Zone Mechanic: that’s someone who understands all the various services required to keep a property up-to-date, code compliant, safe and operational. These dedicated professionals work with property owners and managers, determining your specific needs and making sure our services will meet your expectations. You save money by receiving the services of a full-time staff at a much lower cost, PLUS you save time by avoiding the hassle of finding a specific contractor /tradesman when you’re in a pinch. Our proactive approach to facility management ensures your needs are anticipated and met.

Who do you call? Affordable Facility Solutions!

No single individual can provide a commercial property with EVERY conceivable service they may need. Far too many repairs require the expertise of a certified professional who has undergone specific training. In many cases, the individual attempting the repair may not be certified, and this can result in a liability exposure should there be a future problem related to that repair.

If this is the first time you’ve needed a specific technician to perform a specific task, you have to choose someone, hoping they meet your expectations for quick and efficient service. Far too often, that’s simply not the case.

Affordable Facility Solutions takes the guesswork away with our vast network of service providers. We’ve done the background checks on each of our contractors, and have deemed them committed and proficient with a high level of excellence in the service we will be providing. We’re equally diligent in ensuring that a certified professional does all work requiring certification so you’re always compliant.

And we work with your property managers, owners and other key personnel, partnering with them to keep your property in excellent shape.

Preventive maintenance and ongoing oversight greatly reduce the chance for minor issues to become major financial liabilities. By ‘catching’ many of the issues at the very beginning of their existence we can eliminate many costly future repair and expenses. This is the commitment that you will experience with AFS.

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